Voltage Booster PRO

Simple Alternator Diode Modification

Voltage Booster PRO is an over engineered solution to the do-it-yourself diode modification. It is crazy simple, robust, and easy to install. The Voltage Booster PRO allows you to easily increase your Toyota alternator voltage without expensive DC to DC chargers or other equipment.

Why should you boost?

Why Boost Voltage?

The Underpowered Battery

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries, otherwise knows as AGM batteries like Optima, Odyssey, Duracell Platinum, AC Delco Gold/AGM, Northstar, and XS Power, specify a higher charging voltage than standard flooded lead acid batteries. Check the label or manual on your battery to see what your AGM battery manufacturer specifies. Most vehicles have alternators designed to output a lower voltage for regular flooded lead acid batteries, not AGM batteries. Continually undervolting your AGM battery can damage it and decrease lifespan, and decrease available capacity. Use the VoltageBoosterPRO to increase your alternator’s voltage output to get your battery within specification, in a package that safely includes a fuse.

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User Customizable

Get maximum configurability with a “Low” setting that provides approximately ~0.4V – 0.5V over stock. The “High” setting gets you ~0.8V – 1.0V for the most power when you need it.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It…

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We Salute You

VoltageBoosterPRO proudly supports military, police, fire and EMS members. As former paramedics and Urban & Lowland SAR members, we appreciate those who serve our country and communities. We offer 15% off our products in honor of those who serve.